The Milk Party Tour

It was an audacious plan with an ambitious and compelling objective -- organize and conduct major "Milk Party" rallies in 17 Florida cities, all within four weeks, to demonstrate and coalesce support for the children of this state.

And it worked. Spectacularly.

Children's Movement of Florida Video Report

The Milk Party rally tour carried The Children's Movement of Florida from one corner of the state to the other -- Pensacola to Key West, between Sept. 6 and Sept. 30 -- and to an astounding 15,000 people, all determined to make children Florida's No. 1 priority.

As our big, blue Children's Express bus moved from city to city, a journey that carried us along 3,876 miles, the enthusiasm was evident; the sense of hope and expectation intense; the media coverage superb, with scores of front page newspaper stories, supportive editorials in all 10 of Florida's largest newspapers, dozens of television reports, including a piece broadcast nationally on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, and more.

The overwhelming and gratifying response clearly demonstrates that The Children's Movement of Florida can count on local leaders and significant grassroots bases of support in every major region and city throughout the state.

In addition, by the end of the tour, we had harvested 72,354 email addresses and thousands of cell phone numbers -- all of which allows us to stay in close contact with supporters.

The Children's Movement of Florida now has the ability -- and, as we view it, the obligation -- to influence leaders in state government, in the business world and elsewhere concerning issues that impact children and families.

Our objective is to make the well-being and education of our infants, toddlers and all other children Florida's highest priority, especially when it comes to investing public resources.

Working on behalf of -- and with -- the people of Florida, we will achieve this goal.

Monday, Sept. 6 (Labor Day) - Pensacola

Tuesday, Sept. 7 - Panama City

Tuesday, Sept. 7 - Tallahassee

Wednesday, Sept. 8 - Gainesville and Ocala

Monday, Sept. 13 - Daytona Beach (Volusia and Flagler Counties)

Tuesday, Sept. 14 - Orlando and Kissimmee

Wednesday, Sept. 15 - Treasure Coast (St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River Counties)

Thursday, Sept. 16 - Tampa

Friday, Sept. 17 - Lakeland

Monday, Sept. 20 - St. Petersburg

Tuesday, Sept. 21 - Sarasota and Bradenton

Wednesday, Sept. 22 - Naples and Fort Myers

Thursday, Sept. 23 - West Palm Beach

Monday, Sept. 27 - Jacksonville

Tuesday, Sept. 28 - Ft. Lauderdale and Broward

Wednesday, Sept. 29 - Miami-Dade County

Thursday, Sept. 30 - Key West