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Bringing people to the table...

By Vance Aloupis, Statewide Director on 04/06/2012 @ 10:12 PM

Over the last several weeks, I’ve spent a significant amount of time traveling around the state to meet with our regional committees in seven of the 17 communities in which we organize. The focus of the meetings is to begin to identify the core members of our regional committee – a step toward building significantly more local ownership – and discuss our statewide KidCare outreach initiative. Beginning in Orlando and moving through Jacksonville, the Treasure Coast, Sarasota County, Manatee County, Lakeland, Miami and Gainesville, we’ve seen incredible leadership and excitement from those who are part of our regional committees.

We have been addressing three issues in each meeting:

1. Who's at the table...and who else needs to be?
2. What local issues can The Movement begin to work on with the support of the regional committee?
3. How do we build an infrastructure where the local awareness building and regional organizing is overseen in large part by the regional committees?

To build a meaningful, sustainable movement for Florida’s children, we need to be able to reach more and more people with this message. One way we can do that is by identifying spokespeople for The Movement in each of the 17 regions. Another way is to partner with local coalitions that will provide monthly Children’s Movement updates to their partner organizations. And, perhaps the most effectively, we need to continue to find more creative ways to reach people via email.

Building a movement, as you can see in this brief (and clever) TED talk, is about bringing people to the table. I and we would love your ideas on how The Movement can reach more people – efficiently, but, more importantly, effectively.

Vance Aloupis
Statewide Director
The Children’s Movement


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