Board of Advisors - May 17, 2017

Alachua County held its first Children’s Movement Board of Advisors meeting on Wednesday, with members agreeing to be pro-active in seeing the disparities at local early learning centers by making site visits themselves.

Board member Dorothy Benson, cofounder of the Southwest Advocacy Group, also suggested helping local business leaders set up their own site visits to centers in Alachua and nearby counties.

“We should have the chamber of commerce members get on a bus and tour an early learning center in a nearby county," she said.

Board members said getting the business community engaged in early childhood issues is important because young children represent Florida’s future. The statewide Florida Chamber of Commerce already has made “learners to earners” a key part of its agenda.

Board chair Dug Jones summed it up this way: "We have to take an organized approach in order to get the best results."

If you want more information about the board’s work or other early learning issues, please contact statewide outreach coordinator Faith Grant.

Faith Grant
Statewide Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
(c) 786-519-9992