Board of Advisors - May 31, 2017

During the second Children's Movement Board of Advisors meeting in Broward County, 15 community stakeholders discussed the critical need for parent engagement to expand networking efforts in support of The Movement's priority.

"We need to get back to our roots," said Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, CEO of CSC Broward and board chair. "The Children's Movement began its grassroots organizing with the Milk Parties in effort to educate not only politicians and civic leaders, but parents, about the need to improve the well-being and education of our children".

Board members chimed in with outreach engagement ideas that would strategically target parents and community leaders in Broward County. Evan Goldman, CEO of Handy, suggested collaborating with all the district's elementary school principals, whom he said "are always ready and willing to learn about resources in the community.

Pastor Roger Allen Grimes of the Fort Lauderdale Church of God in Christ called for also engaging faith-based leaders to reach parents who attend their services. "Pastors are key in sending the community messages-especially to parents," he said.

The board agreed on those and other goals-to-action to mobilize parents, faith-based and education leaders in the county. Said Renee Jaffee, CEO of the Early Learning Coalition of Broward: "It's easy to get lost in the complexities of budgets and legislation, but educating our parents on the importance of advocacy for their children's education is most important."

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