Lunch N' Learn on Special Needs - February 28, 2017

In Florida, one in every six children has a special need, such as autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD and others, that could keep them from achieving their full potential. Early identification of developmental concerns – with help from organizations such as Help Me Grow, a state-funded parent resource -- leads to earlier intervention and more effective and affordable treatment during the preschool years, rather than more expensive special education services later in childhood.

Opportunities to speak to the National Alliance of Mental Illness in New Port Richey allows The Movement to stand shoulder to shoulder with organizations that strive to make a real difference for young children in Florida.

Information and support that’s only a phone call away gives parents the best chance to help their children. Building a long-term, sustainable movement for children in a state like Florida is no easy feat. That is why as an outreach coordinator, it is imperative to build relationships and garner support of like-minded organizations within our own communities.

Khanisa Nelson
Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
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