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The Children's Movement of Florida has been a strong supporter of Help Me Grow since 2012. To show its impact, we will be sharing a series of client stories about how this unique resource has helped Florida families. This is Elisamari Rosado's story:

I knew something wasn't right when my son Eli was 6 months old. He wasn't talking as much as other children, and he was having behavior issues.

Our pediatrician said Eli would eventually grow out of it. But when he turned 2, I wasn't able to understand much of what he was saying, and his behavior was getting worse. I am so grateful my friends told me about Help Me Grow Florida, a unique parenting resource for early detection of developmental and behavioral concerns about young children.

Simply dialing 2-1-1 put me in touch with a knowledgeable care coordinator named Viola, who did an evaluation during the phone call and then helped connect me with local organizations to provide the therapy Eli needs. He now can speak a little more and control his behavior a little better, but he has a ways to go.

Thank you, Viola, for sticking with me on this long journey. Otherwise, I would still be wondering if the pediatrician was right -- and Eli would still be struggling.

To learn more about this free service, go to http://childrensmovementflorida.org and click the Help Me Grow icon.