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It's Time for Back-to-School Immunizations

Florida Office of Early Learning

Florida Office of Early Learning

Aug 5, 2016

The Florida Office of Early Learning, which partners with The Children's Movement of Florida, offers a timely reminder for all parents and other caregivers be sure children have their necessary immunizations done before the start of school. Here is an OEL article on the topic:

As a parent, you want to protect your children against preventable diseases and keep them as safe and healthy as possible. Immunizations are available that will protect your children from infectious diseases.

Your pediatrician or other health professionals will give you a list of immunizations and the ages at which your children will need them. Parents can also use the Immunization Tracker available from the Centers for Disease Control. Before your children's visit to a pediatrician, read as much information as possible about the getting and the possible side effects. Write down questions for your doctor and be sure to pack your children's favorite toy to keep them happy before, during and after the immunization.

It is important that parents speak with their children about what might happen during the shot, such as there may be a small pinch, but that the pain will go away quickly. While you are at the doctor's office, talk to your children in a calm voice to reassure them before and after the shot. Distracting your children by singing a silly song or making funny faces can help during the shot.

If your children are infants or toddlers, breast feeding them as soon as possible after the immunization will comfort them, in addition to swaddling before and after the shot.

Children can sense their parents' moods, so it is important that you remain calm throughout the process. If your children have a reaction to a shot, such as a rash, fever, redness, soreness or swelling, place a cool, wet cloth on the area to ease the pain. Get permission from your doctor before giving your children non-aspirin pain relievers.

Immunizations are scary for both children and parents. Simple tips such as the right way to hold can make the trip less stressful for both you and your children. Remember to give your children lots of hugs.