Who We Are
2018 Movement Agenda
Starting Ahead

Help ensure that more children are reading at grade level by the end of third grade by volunteering.

Florida KidCare

Find out about health insurance for your child.

Help Me Grow

Learn more about this 24-hour system that promotes healthy development for every child.

Movement Talks

Come to dinner with us and engage in a moderated discussion on early childhood education.

Grassroots Movement

Our strength is Floridians united to insist children be our state's highest priority. We need your voice.

2020 Goals

Read our goals and learn about what we support

Videos Worth Watching

Videos worth watching that highlight the Movement's priorities.


Valuable parenting information from our #TeachableMoments campaign.


Nuggets of wisdom on child development from our campaign.

"A real movement is about all children...never those children."

- David Lawrence Jr., chair

Our Partners

Our Partners